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My Top 3 Recommendation For Rice Cookers in 2020

For many housewives who passionately loves cooking, the first consideration that every kitchen lovers like you will surely look for the utensils to be used. This is were rice cookers comes in. Rice cookers are, all-in-one kitchen tools that performs exactly parallel to the meaning of the name-cook slowly. It offers you an idea which is to throw a bunch of ingredients in the slow cooker in the morning time, and you will have a ready made delicious meal once you got home.

If you were ever in the market for a rice cooker, you might be quite familiar with the overwhelming numbers of Japanese rice cookers available. Even though there are American, European and Chinese brands, the Japanese rice cooker manufacturers seem to dominate the market with impressive selections of models, price points, heating technologies and menu options. The four best Japanese brands are: Zojirushi, Panasonic, Sanyo and Tiger.

Before I began researching for the best rice cooker of 2020, I wasn’t aware of Zojirushi nor did I know how to even pronounce it. I had to use Google Translation to find out it was pronounced as “zo-gee-ru-shi”. It didn’t take me that long to realize that Zojirushi has been a key player in the household and commercial appliance market around the world.

Best Rice Cookers of 2020

Zojirushi Rice Cookers

Rice cookers in India
Zojirushi has been in business since 1918. It was founded as the Ichkawa Brother’s Trading Company in Osaka, Japan. In 1961, the name was changed to Zojirushi Corporation. “Zo” means “elephant” in Japanese which represents strength, intelligence and familiarity. For over 90 years, Zojirushi has been practicing what they preach, i.e. to improve consumers lives through innovative products. Some of the product lineups are: rice cookers, water boilers, beverage dispensers and more for both residential and commercial uses. Zojirushi’s products are the embodiment of cutting-edge technologies, aesthetic appeal with consumer-friendly usability.

It has an impressive array of rice cookers from the simple conventional, micom (micro-computerized chip), fuzzy logic, induction to pressurized heating. The rice cookers come in different capacity sizes and in different colors. The products are built to last and elegant enough to be displayed on the kitchen counter as industrial design “artwork”.

The singular strength in Zojirushi’s rice cookers is exhibited by technologies meeting user-friendly design. Zojirushi takes rice cooking to a new height in the intricate design of menu options for rice of all kinds. Given its prominent market position, Zojirushi commands higher price in its rice cookers. Most rice cookers are priced from $50 up to $400. If you enjoy a best-in-class rice cooker, you ought to be willing to part some hard-earned cash, right?

Panasonic Rice Cookers

best affordable rice cookers in India
At the heel of Zojirushi is Panasonic. It’s safe to assume that the Panasonic’s brand awareness surpasses Zojirushi’s in the United States thanks to its popular consumer electronics such as televisions, cameras and camcorders. Similar to Zojirushi, it is also headquartered in Osaka, Japan with a long history dated back to 1918 (did Zojirushi and Panasonic coordinate with their timelines?). Since the humble beginning, it has expanded into one of the largest Japanese electronic manufacturers competing with Sony, Canon and Toshiba worldwide.

Panasonic also produces non-electronic products such as rice cookers and offers home renovation services. Panasonic’s rice cookers are characterized by its multi-functionality, durability and affordable price. There are only two types of heating technologies in Panasonic rice cookers, namely, conventional and fuzzy logic. It doesn’t yet have rice cookers with induction or pressurized heating. (more…)


Best Double Strollers in 2020

Are you on a quest to find the best double stroller? Well, your search ends right here because we’ve got you covered with the names of the best double strollers in the market complete with double stroller reviews to back them up.

We know that with all double strollers available in the market today, such a quest can be daunting so we’ve taken the liberty to make this buying guide for you so you would be making your choice from only what’s deemed to be the best double stroller.

Combine that with the double stroller reviews to give you a real account of how good (or not so good) the product is and you’ve got the ultimate combination to guide you better in coming up with the right decision.

Three Best Double Strollers in 2020

1. BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller

bob revolution double stroller 2020

The first best double stroller is the BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller, which falls under the type of All Terrain Double Stroller. As with all other all terrain types of double strollers, it comes with a front swivel wheel that rotates fully to allow you to maneuver easily even on curbs or tight areas.

However, what’s great is you can also lock this front wheel in a forward position if you want to go for a light jog or when you are passing through an uneven terrain.

Just like the majority of what people said in its double stroller reviews, I think that’s a really neat feature because it serves two purposes and gives you options of what you want to do with your babies – either you go for a simple stroll in the mall or go a bit sporty by jogging in the park. I like that the versatility of this best double stroller helps both moms and dads to come up with more creative and fun ways to spend quality time with their kids.

Secondly, this best double stroller comes with multi-position canopies. If you’re outdoors, canopies are very important. It protects your kids from all the harsh elements that the environment has to offer. Let’s say you’re out for a stroll in the park during the peak of summer. If you happen to be outside for a few hours, you’ll notice that where the sun shines changes by the hour. Its multi-position canopies therefore, would really come in handy when it comes to shading your kids from its harmful UV rays.

Thirdly, I love that this best double stroller has various storage options. It’s great to have a huge storage basket but if you’re an OC mom like I am, a storage where you can organize your children’s things is even better. The BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller has 4 interior pockets, 2 seat-back pockets and a hanging basket underneath. So the diapers and extra clothes can be stored in the underneath basket while the things that are needed to be near me can be placed inside the 2 seat back pockets like snacks and bottles for milk and water. Personally, I find it easier to find things this way.

Here are some more of its helpful features:

  • Ultra padded and adjustable reclining seats for your children to sit comfortably whether you’re strolling or jogging.
  • Five point padded harness to ensure that your babies are strapped securely.
  • An adjustable suspension system makes the stroller glide like a dream.
  • An accessory adapter enables you to easily attach the BOB infant car seat adapter or snack tray.

Most double stroller reviews say that the downside to the BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller though is it doesn’t come with an adjustable handle and I concur with that. I’m pretty petite in height so when it comes to pushing this stroller, I won’t be comfortable because it’s high for my flat 5 height. If you’re around 5’6” though, this stroller would be okay for you but if you’re taller, you would have to hunch over.

It’s also pretty heavy so if again, you’re as petite as I am, it won’t be so easy to carry this stroller on your own. Furthermore, it’s got a huge fold. Well, that’s actually expected since this is a double stroller but the challenge here is it doesn’t fit easily in trunks of a standard car. You would have to take out some parts of it for it to fit.

Be that as it may, the BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller still offers more advantages compared to the disadvantages and for what it lacks, many people find this a non-major issue because out of a total of 212 double stroller reviews from customers, it still received an average rating of 4.6 stars with the 5-stars leading the way.

2.  B-Agile Double Stroller

double stroller reviews 2020Second on the best double stroller list is the Britax-B Agile Double Stroller, which is a Side-by-Side Double Stroller that’s a proven favorite among parents. For my part, I like it because it’s very lightweight, compact and easy to fold stroller.

If you’ve read the review of the stroller above, you’ll know that I’m 5 feet flat so these features are definitely very useful and friendly to me. It’s easy to bring especially during travel and we love going to amusement parks. It’s easy to fold and fit in standard sized car trunks too so another plus point to make it the perfect stroller for our outings.

Another feature that I like, which is very important for any best double stroller, is the fact that the Britax-B Agile Double Stroller is easy to handle. Double stroller reviews of this product agree too. From assembly up until navigation, it’s really easy to figure out so even first-time parents would really appreciate its being user-friendly.

What I don’t like much about the Britax-B Agile Double Stroller though is it’s not compatible with other brands of car seats. That means you have no choice but to buy the Britax Infant Car Seat if you want to use it as a travel system and if you already have an existing car seat of another brand that’s still usable, it makes no sense having 2 car seats. Usage is easy but when folding the stroller, the handle can sometimes slam into the ground and its storage area is not so spacious.

Overall though, the Britax-B Agile Double Stroller reviews showed that it’s still well-appreciated and that only means that many parents find it satisfactory to use despite some flaws. At the price it’s sold, combined with the conveniences it has to offer, the double stroller reviews for this product show that it’s considered a done struck deal.

3. Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

quality double stroller 2020The Joovy Scooter x2 Double Stroller has roomy seats so this means kids will fit well with extra headroom to spare. Based on its double stroller reviews, this is a feature many parents particularly love. I agree with them because it means this best double stroller grows with your kids. If you think about it, a stroller is an investment so if you can use it in a longer period of time, the better and worth it the cost right?

And again, who wouldn’t love big canopies and a big storage space? These features are especially important for any best double stroller. The former completely cover and protect your babies from environmental elements that can be pretty harmful or cause sickness while the latter allows you to have enough room to bring not just all of your children’s gear but yours as well. You wouldn’t go wrong with those!

Other Perky Features:

  • The stroller’s wheels come with sealed bearings so it’s really easy to steer and push even with one hand.
  • Fully reclinable seats with adjustable footrest, independent of each other.
  • A removable bumper to serve as a safety feature but also works as a hand and foot rest for kids.
  • Perks for parents include 2 cup holders and 2 zippered pockets to store phones, wallets and keys.

The down part of the Joovy Scooter x2 Double Stroller is its handle can’t be adjusted to suit different heights so if you’re on the taller side, you’d have the tendency to be uncomfortable hunching over. Moreover, the seats need to be reclined first before you can close it which can be pretty annoying.

All in all though, the double stroller reviews for this product came out tops for users garnering a whooping score of 4.6 out of 5 stars. The cons it received pale to nothing compared to all the conveniences it brings to parents. Add to the fact that it’s pleasing to the eye and you’ll understand why it’s loved and definitely a wise buy.


How to Measure Bra Size

How to measure a bra size is not difficult at all. A bra must fit well to your body. It will also provide you a feminine look. You need to know the best way to measure bra sizes. For this purpose you can use a bra size calculator. You must know that there are many ways to measure a bra size. You will have to get the best size bra and it does not matter if it is a lightwright bra, sheer bra, strapless bra or a lace bra.

How To Measure Bra Size – Can you Know How To Measure Bra Size?

How to measure cup size is easy indeed. You just need to stand still while using a measuring tape for your breasts. It must be parallel to your shoulders. It must also almost touching your breasts. The next inch results must be rounded up then substract the number from the band size. This is the cup size. You will have a C cup or 3 inches cup size if you have a breast size of 39 inches and a band of 36 inches.
How do you measure a bra size? The following are some tips to do it:
The next is a list of the possible sizes for Cups:

5 inches: Cup DD or E
9 inches: Cup I
10 inches: Cup J
0 – 1/2 inch: Cup AA
1/2 inch – 1 inch: Cup A %u2022
2 inches: Cup B
3 inches: Cup C
4 inches: Cup D
6 inches: Cup DDD or F
7 inches: Cup G
8 inches: Cup H

The outcome that you will get with this method is not truthworthy so you need to get the help of an specialist. You can find the expert you need at any lingerie shop. Your bra fitting will be great with the right advice and expert help.

Band Size

The first step to discover your brand size is to measure it. Now you just need to put on your best fitting bra. Sports, minimarzer and unpadded bras should be avoided for this example. Your breasts must be alight in the middle of your chest. You must tighten the straps up if you have breast sagging. You must use a measure tape and put it under your bust. As you have read, how to measure a bra size is not rocket science. You will have to get the smallest measure. You can do it breathing out air while doing the measure. Facing a mirror is something you can do to get better results. Your measure tape must be parallel to your shoulders.

Then take not of measurement. Band sizes are even, so you need to round a number up if it is odd.

Bust Size and Sports Bra – Tips and More

If you want to know how to measure your bust size for your running sports bra, this is the right place. We are sure you will find what you are looking for here. A lot of women are wearing the wrong bra, this situation leads to pain and discomfort for all of them. In the next lines we are going to tell you the steps you need to follow to measure your bust size the right way.

You need proper support in your workouts. You are active and needs help in this task as well. Now we are going to tell you the steps.The first thing you need to know is to wear an unpadded bra. Stand in front of your mirror with no shirt. Now you need to use a tape measure to get the size of your chest.

Your tape must be put under your arms and at the top of your breasts. This way you will get the standard number part of your bra. For example it might be 35″. Then if you get an odd number you have to round it off to an even one.

Now your tape must be used to measure the fullest part of your bust. Then you need to record the number. This way you can get your cup measurement here. Now your bust number must be subtracted from this chest number. You will get a cup size of AA if you get less than one inche. If you get an inch you will get A, two B, and so one. Now let us give you a short example here of what you will get. 42″-40″ equals 2″, then you will have a cup size of B.

To come up with the bra size you just need to put the numbers together. In the example about it will be 40B. Now we need to translate all this data into sports bra sizes. A medium sports size bra will fit busts in 34-36 b/c and the small one will be 32-34 A/B. You will need large sports bra if you have a chest measuring 36-38 C. An XL bra is created for 38-40 C/D.

If you want to get the proper fit you should go shopping and try on the right bra for you. Your sports bra must not be too tight across your chest but it must feel snug. You need a larger one if you have an uncomfortably tight.


Why I Decided To Throw Out My Scale

Ok, well I didn’t really throw it out.  I just don’t use it anymore.  And I haven’t in probably at least six months.

Let me start out by saying I have nothing against people who weigh themselves regularly. My husband likes having a scale in our bathroom to help keep him in check, and because he finds it helpful for him personally, I support it and him.

I think in order to explain why I no longer use a scale, I should start by sharing my fitness journey.  Growing up, I was never ‘overweight’–my weight and height always fell within the healthy BMI range.  But I wasn’t exactly healthy either, especially during my college years and after I graduated.  Sure I’d hop on a treadmill and walk for 30 minutes, but then I’d down some pizza or Spaghetti O’s for dinner and hit up the bar and consume way too many drinks.  Follow that up with late night jumbo slice and some greasy food the next day…you get the idea.  Not good.  But again, I wasn’t overweight by any health standards, and I don’t think there’s really a huge, noticeable difference in my appearance.

I remember starting to really feel frustrated summer of 2017–I actually had started working out more but wasn’t seeing any changes in my body.  My Little Bear told me about Tone It Up and their Nutrition Plan, and I decided to go for it.  I learned a lot about nutrition and how to properly fuel my body.  I dropped a pants size, gained muscle, and loved stepping on the scale to see how much weight I had lost.

But then I found myself all of a sudden tied to a certain number, using it to dictate my mood.  If the number went up, I was frustrated and upset and restricted certain foods the next day.  If it went down, I was happy and congratulated myself on my diligence.  Clearly unhealthy, but I continued this way for a few months.

I didn’t think it was an issue until my Little Bear commented about it one day.  I think I was either complaining about how bloated I looked or was scrutinizing myself in the mirror, and she said she was concerned about it.  I assured her nothing was wrong, but it got me thinking–maybe I did obsess over my weight too much.

I mean, weight fluctuates everyday for so many reasons–if it’s that time of the month, if you’ve had a little too much sodium, if you haven’t had your morning poop 🙂.  It just became too overwhelming for me to keep up with.  I finally decided I’d had enough and needed to kick my scale to the curb. (more…)


Fakeness in the Blog World

Oh boy. Isn’t that a fully loaded post title?

I don’t plan on saying anything too controversial. But today I want to talk a little bit about fakeness in the blog world. Not in a “that blogger is so fake, no one’s life is that perfect, yada yada way”. Today I want to talk about blog commenting that can be a little fake.

I’m just as guilty as the next person I think. I’ll type up a friendly comment, and I’m completely genuine at the time. An example: “This recipe looks delicious! I really need to try it!”; or “I’ve totally been wanting to get more into running/swimming/circuit training etc., I’ll have to try this workout!”

I would say 9 times out of 10, I don’t try the workout. And I don’t make the recipe.

Maybe I’m a scatterbrain. I don’t know. I genuinely want to try most everything that I see. But how on earth could I?

The amount of blog-related things that you can get involved with is just plain overwhelming sometimes: link-ups (WIAW, MIMM, Pin-it Party); recipes to try; challenges to join and then tweet about obsessively.

When it comes down to it, I’ll try to join a challenge, maybe throw a tweet or two out there, and then it just slips my mind. There are so many thoughts constantly flying around my brain fighting for attention, it’s impossible to keep track.

And that’s honestly just about a week’s worth of stuff. Not even. More like one day. (more…)


First Time Organizing Food For An Event? Here’s How To Keep It Safe

Calling a catering company may not always be necessary for smaller events at the workplace. Your boss may tag you to set up a food committee to prepare dishes for a meeting or a small workplace gathering. If you have never done this before, the first thing you will need to know is how to keep the prepared food safe.

Why Temperature is Important

Even at small gatherings, people will mingle and might prefer to eat at their leisure. This can present a temperature challenge for food. When food isn’t kept at the proper temperature, bacteria can grow, and when bacteria is allowed to grow, people can get sick. Here are some examples of proper food temperatures:

Hot Food: All hot foods should be kept at 140 degrees.

Keep in mind that no matter where the food is cooked, it should reach a certain temperature before serving. Here are some examples.

  • Casseroles: 160 degrees
  • Beef, Pork and Lamb: 160 degrees
  • Poultry: 165 degrees

Cold Food: All cold food should be held at 40 degrees or below.

Reheating: Precooked food brought in from members of the committee should be reheated to a temperature of 165 degrees.

Use the Truth About Heat, Not the Myth

Try to ignore any rumors or myths you may have heard about keeping food warm and safe from growing bacteria. Once such “myth” is to heat up bricks in the oven and place your dish on the hot bricks. This might sound good in theory, but the truth is that the only thing this will give you is a hot brick that will begin cooling down quickly.

The best way to keep your hot food at the proper serving temperature is to keep it on a constant fire. Sterno and chafing dishes are the best way to do this. They come in all sizes and shapes. You can even find some specifically made to hold soups. (more…)